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The Journey on Days 5-8 during the 21 Day SHREDDER


The Journey on Days 5-8 during the 21 Day SHREDDER

The journey of days 5-8:

This Vblog is the journey of Days 5 – 8 on the 21 Day SHREDDER Program (Download here: 21 day Shredder )

Day 5, 6, & 7 were super hard to get the workouts in due to being ill with a cold, but still got it in and Done.

Now, today is day and a week is done! super pumped for this second week!

Day 5-7

I will have to say these were sick days.. but I all workouts in below are the workouts the the 21 day Shredder 5-7:


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Day 8:

Today is Monday, day 8 of the 21 day Shredder ( national Chest day) am I right, LOL.

Now the workouts make be similar to last weeks workouts. But they are different while using more of your stability muscle this week for a progression in the training program on 21 Day shredder. this insure that you are not just doing the same workouts over and over again.

Also what will be changed is the amount of reps that you will do along as the rest intervals.

here is a sneak peak of what Day 8 workout looks like:

Hope you guys like the blog for the day as well as the Video for the past few days.

also i hope you join me in this journey of the 21 day Shredder. Just CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE

until next time.

Your Dedicated fitness coach,

Turner Cavender

CEO of Build & Shred Academy

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