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Why Fast Food Is Shit


Why Fast Food Is Shit

In this video, I go over fast foods and why is a bad idea to eat fast Food.

I will also give list of common fast food meals most people eat and whats the calories in each meal.

The average intake on a daily basis ids2,100 Kcals.  is the amount of Calories that you and intake in one day

Here I share are short brief list of Calories are in these Popular Fast food meals:


veni white chocolate or a breakfast sandwich: 2,030 Kcals 


Bacon cheese burger with fries: 2,010 Kcals

Panarea Bread:

Bread Bowl soup drink and chips: 2,100 kcals


Spicy Italian sandwich with chips: 2,010 Kcals

Shake shack:

double stack cheese burger with fires: 2,200 Kcals


most $5 meals: 2,900 Kcals


chicken sandwich with waffle fries and a drink: 2,070 Kcals

It is very easy to do if you prepare yourself for your day and have 5-6 meals prepared and ready to eat when its time, rather than waiting to eat when you have enough time for breakfast or when you have a brake for lunch and or you get home from work.

Rather than wasted kcal on food thats cost WAY too much and will leave you felling like crap.

You can make this happen you you prepare for success. Because with you fail to prepare, you are preparing for failure.

so lets Prep for life and live a good one.


Remember, JAMODI Its “JustA Matter Of Doing It”

– Turner Cavender 

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