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Day 4 of the 21 Day SHREDDER | the struggle is real.. But I’m staying strong💪🏽


Day 4 of the 21 Day SHREDDER | the struggle is real.. But I’m staying strong💪🏽

Day 4: The Struggle is Real..

yep, this time of year is known for the cold and flu right?.. well my Girlfriend (we lived together) is sick and i pretty sure I caught a little bit of what she has.

With the workload I have with owning A gym here in dallas, Tx ( Dallas Fit Body Boot Camp ) , Running a Online fitness Business ( ), Hosting a iTunes Podcast ( The JAMODI Podcast ), and hosting a online Web show (The #TCavHowTo Show )

I could say I am too busy or make excuses with all the work and stuff i have going on at once all the time, and also not feeling well I could say Ill sit today out and not workout…

WELL IM NOT A QUTIER, and either should you be. Never make the excuses to not complete a task that going to take you to the next level, and taking your health to the next level is the ONE WAY THAT WILL LIFT YOU TO THE TOP!


Todays Workout:

Today was Shoulder day & Abs Day! ( Bolder Shoulder Day!) workout below:


I felt Super great after i did the workout, even though i felt like shit and didn’t really want to. You know we all have those days. But i got it done and now its off the bed and get geared up for tomorrow!

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Remember I want you to join me for free during this 21 Day Shredder.

All you gotta do is CLICK HERE to download everything ( workout program/meal plan/Grocery list / Shredder Recipe Book)

Turner Cavender

CEO of Build And Shred Academy

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