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Day 3 of 21 Day SHREDDER | Bad ass HIIT day!!


Day 3 of 21 Day SHREDDER | Bad ass HIIT day!!

Day 3:

welp! we made it to day 3 and boy its super cold here in Texas today, down in the 20’s

but didn’t stop me from getting up and eating my meal and “GSD” ( Get Shit Done)

I had a nice lil meeting today at a buddies Health food restaurant called South Paws, suer good food and was able to have them make what was on my meal plan… thats was the cool thing about it.

After, my meeting I took a cold ass walk over to my gym where I killed it in a HIIT workout! ( High-intensity interval workout)

As you can see in this Photo here it was a Hell of a workout an after 5 rounds I so wore out!

Make sure you watch video for so Laughs and a walk through of the Day 3 HIIT workout 💪🏽


Remember!!! I want you to join me in this 21 day Journey for FREE Click here and download the full 21 Day SHREDDER program. 


– Turner Cavender

CEO of Build And Shred Academy

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