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Day 2 of 21 Day SHREDDER ” The Soreness is REAL😫!”


Day 2 of 21 Day SHREDDER ” The Soreness is REAL😫!”

DAY 2:

HOLY SHIT!!!!… I forgot what its like to be sore….

Im so damn sore, going cold turkey from not working out at all to doing HIIT workouts and Lifting really takes a toll on ya.

when i woke up this morning i felt like i had the flu, but its just my whole body super sore and hurting. LOL

So, I loaded up on my Multi-vitumins ( if you wanna see the ones i take Click here)  and Vitamin C ( Emergen-C )

This way I can keep from getting sick while i beat my self down so my body and build back up stronger.


Ill say one thing, when you need a lot of sleep to help with the soreness and get rest, But your girlfriend is sick and it a bit hard to fall asleep with her making nosies while sleeping is a Struggle! LOL but Im gunna stay Strong, get out of bed everyday at 5:30am-6am and start the day!

Todays workout:

Today was BACK

It was really hard to get going but i started with a good warmup with a walk to the gym and also warmed up the joints and back muscles with light weight before starting with my routine.

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To help with soreness  to the following:

  • Stretch after workouts
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water
  • Stay on top of your Vitamins
  • Get efficient SLEEP!!! ( super important)


Today was a rough one but its only day 2 and i know the soreness will get alot worst as the first week goes by. I know by the second week it will start to ease up on me a lil bit, Im gunna keep trucking and kill these workouts and Meal plans!!!!

Please don’t forget, I not only made this program for me to lose that Holiday weight gain. I also made it for you to do along with me for FREE so click link below to download the Workout plan, Meal plan, grocery list, recipe book for FREE!!

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Turner Cavender

CEO of Build and Shred Academy

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