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Day 1 for the Dallas Girls 21 Day SHREDDER


Day 1 for the Dallas Girls 21 Day SHREDDER

By popular demand, they wanted to join too!

If you have been following the Blogs you have seen that I, Myself have started a plan to start out my new year on a better foot with a program called the “21 Day SHREDDER” and by popular demand, I had a group of local Dallas, Tx. Girls tat wanted to take part in this program as well.

As of Jan 8th 2018 these girls took there first Step in to the “21 Day SHREDDER” with a full 21 day Workout plan, Meal plan, Grocery List , Shredder recipe Book, and a 21 day Shredder abs program.

Looking forward to the Transformations

Over the next 21 day we will see each and everyone of these ladies experience a transformation in many different ways. they will all start with a transformation of the mental state, going from their old habits to a new one. Once they have been doing the program for about 2 weeks they will start to feel and see a physical transformation.

We are all super excited.. and the good new is they agreed to let me Document the full 21 day journey they will have and share it with the world to prove that you too and do this program and see results.

So JOIN US for FREE by CLICKING HERE!!! and downloading your jumpstart in your New year for 2018!

Looking forward this is Journey

make sure to join us and post your journey along with us!


Your dedicated Fitness coach,

Turner Cavender

CEO of Build and Shred Academy

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