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Im taking the ” FAT to Fit | 21 Day SHREDDER “


Im taking the ” FAT to Fit | 21 Day SHREDDER “

Well, Lets just start with.. The Holidays and the season of laziness got the best of me.

YES thats right, even though I am a fitness professional Im also human and I have those times where I slack off and enjoy life.

I mean I really enjoyed myself this holiday season with friends and family and also taking a month long vacation eating out every day and drinking on the weekends.

I for sure packed on the holiday fat and weight.

So while on this splurge of eating what I wanted all the time and drinking WAAAAAAY too much. I knew when I was done I wanted to do a program to get me back to my normal healthy habit self.

SO…I Created the “21 Day SHREDDER”

I invite everyone to join with me in this journey for free!!!! –> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE <–


January 2nd 2018

  • 215 Pounds
  • 20.4% Body Fat
  • Chest 42 inches
  • Hips 42.5 inches
  • Neck 16.5 inches
  • Right Thigh 24 inches
  • Right Bicep 12.8 inches
  • Stomach 37 inches

After doing my weigh in I was super amazed of how much weight I gained in such a short amount of time. I mean heck, last time I weighed in was 3 months prior weighing 178lbs.

I mean HOLY COW!! lol

So I am super motivated to get this Challenge going!! called the 21 Day SHREDDER

follow the journey with me live on my instagram story here <–

ALSO JOIN ME FREE IN THIS CHALLENGE and lets do this together for the next 21 days!

Click here to download for FREE

Turner Cavender

CEO & Founder of

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