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Day 9 of the 21 Day Shredder


Day 9 of the 21 Day Shredder

Day 9💪🏽

BACK DAY! back day is one of my favs for sure. I have always been a bit stronger and liked back the most anytime that i have ever worked out.

Check out the workout from today:

watch video to see full workout in action. Remember the nutrition portion of the Program is sooooo Important, View and download Program HERE

People are joining up!!

As i have been taken my own personal journey during this 21 day Shredder I have invited anyone and everyone to join. so with popular demand I have got a group of dallas Girls to join in this past week and today I knock out their 3rd day.

You can join them too buy Clicking this LINK HERE 

Photo of the dallas 21 Day Shredder group:


Hope you loved the workout and the Video!!


Turner Cavender

CEO of Dallas Fit Body Boot Camp

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