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6 week Transformation Blueprint has 2 phases:
Building and Shedding Down to the Transformation desired.

It’s Combination of Intense full body training to specialized fat loss workout throughout the entire program and broken down into specific trainmen days and rest days. This program is guaranteed to get you built and shredded down to that beach body you want year around.

6 Week Transformation Blueprint

Build and Shred 6 week Transformation Blueprint Program is designed and used to drop body fat quickly for event such as physique competition, weddings, photo shoots, Beach trips, or even a reunion. This program will even work for someone that roughly has 11-14 percent body fat and wants to drop down into the lower single digits of Body fat.

The Most amazing has yet to come about Build and Shred 6 week Transformation Blueprint Program is that Transformation expert Turner Cavender is going through it with you. Turner is going to step by step and walk you through every single day.  He will also walk you through the steps of showing you physically and emotionally steps that will need to be taken to get to the shredded body that you want.

Over the Duration on the next 6 weeks (42 days), you’re most like going to encounter Training moments or techniques that you have not heard of before. Turner will be running though all the workouts with you and demonstrating and explaining the different phases of the program as well as the workouts you will be preforming. Turner will walking you though things like heavy volume training (HVT), high-intensity interval training (HIIT), timed rest periods, and rest days.

Now the nutrition portion of this program is important. the nutrition part of this program is specialized just for this program.

The supplement portion is a basic break down and efficient for getting event ready in 6 weeks. you will not have to break the bank to get what you need.

Build and Shred 6 week Transformation Blueprint nutrition and training aspects of this program change each day, it’s important to watch the training, nutrition, and supplement overview pages before you start day one. Get the most from this Program and get that Built and Shredded body!

58 minutes 0 second

Left to Download!

Was $79.99 Now $49.97

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FIRST: Watch the over view videos

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Build and Shred 6 week Transformation Blueprint includes multiple training techniques like, HVT, HIIT, peripheral training, push pull training splits and to get you absolutely shredded in only 6 weeks.

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You can never out train a bad diet. In Build and Shred 6 week Transformation Blueprint Program you will be provided with the tools to cut the maximum amount of body fat down in 6 weeks.

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Majority of the time you can not get all the nutrients that the body needs everyday, here is a break down of what you need without breaking the bank.

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Mental toughness is important, your brain works just like a muscle, your brain can only output what input it has been exposed to.